5 Facial Skin Problems After 50

5 Facial Skin Problems After 50

Skin changes with age and people need to take care of it when they become old. People who cross the age of fifty face many types of skin problem and in this article, we will discuss about some problems and solutions related to skin.

Problems that occur after 50

Liver Spots

Sometimes people may find dark areas on their skin, which are known as liver spots. The areas where this mark can be found include hands, shoulders, face, arms, etc. There is no harm with these marks but they look ugly. People need to wear sunscreen so that their growth can be controlled. They can also wear best foundation for aging skin over 50 after applying sunscreen.

5 Facial Skin Problems After 50

Elasticity of the skin decreases

When people are young, the skin is firm because of elasticity. With age, the elasticity decreases. This happens because production of collagen becomes low. Along with it, fats and elastin start breaking down. People can contact a dermatologist who may prescribe retinoid. These are the medicines that help in building up collagen again. Besides this, people should also apply sunscreen.

Tags on the skin

Skin tags can be seen on the skin with age. There is no harm with these tags in spite of their quick development. Nick, eyelids, armpits, etc. are the areas where these tags grow. These can be removed easily with the use of cream.

Varicose veins

This problem can be found in legs and feet and such problems occur in old people. The reason of this problem is that veins lose elasticity and blood pool can make it larger. The problem can cause pain in the area it grows People should see that if the skin color has turned to purple or blue and is causing pain, they should see a doctor and get a medicine.

Actinic Keratosis

This is a problem that occurs in those persons who work in sun and do not use any sunscreen. This problem occurs in the form of patches and can be found on lips, ears, neck, face, etc. People who cross the age of 40 and above can find such a problem on their skin.

Solutions to skin problem

Many other problems can occur on skin with age and people can apply different solutions to get rid of these problems. Here we will discuss some of the solutions.

Sunscreen should be used daily

Sunscreen is considered as one of the best solutions for many problems occurring in the skin. Damages done to the skin by exposure to sun are very common and even harmful. Skin cancer, wrinkles, brown spots, etc. occur due to exposure of the skin to the sun. People should choose such a sunscreen that consists of more than forty sun protection factors or SPF. The sunscreen should have the capability to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun. After finding a sunscreen, people need to do the following

Sunscreen should be used when people are going out in rain or sunshine. Ultraviolet rays have the capability to cross the clouds and affect the skin. It is better to use sunscreen daily but people should wash the face at night before going to bed. People can apply sunscreen more than once in order to protect it from damages caused by sun.

Cleansers and moisturizers should be applied regularly

People need to choose proper cleansers and moisturizers and make a routine of applying them on the skin. Few wrinkles develop on oily skin in comparison to dry one. Skin becomes dry with age. Production of cells and oils decreases with age. Cleansers and moisturizers are available at affordable prices and their smell is also good. If the skin becomes flaky due to dryness, people may use a lot of moisturizer.

If the skin becomes as dry as a desert, the cleaning should be done with such cleansers that also have moisturizing capabilities. People need to use the moisturizer several times in order to keep the skin moisturized. Here are some of the things that people need to do to prevent dryness of the skin.

Some things you need:

  • Hot water should not be used while washing the face or taking bath as it removes the oil from skin. People should use either use lukewarm water or cold cream.
  • Creamy cleanser is best for dry skin. People should purchase cheap and best cleansers, as they have to be applied only for a few minutes.
  • If people use thick moisturizers and creams, it will help in locking the moisture. It is always better to apply the moisturizer at night. It should also be used before doing makeup.
  • If a product consists of hyaluronic acid, it will be better for the skin. The acid is a form of serum, which absorbs the moisture and holds it.
  • Exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. People can use a wet cloth and put coconut oil on it. This cloth should be rubbed on the face for exfoliation.
  • Soaps that dry the skin should not be used.  It is better to use those soaps that are creamy in nature. After taking bath, moisturizer should be used to keep the skin moist.

Use oil over the skin

People can use oil, which suits their skin. People always like to talk about the oils they use and the features of the oil. Some people like to use oil instead of creams as they have the feeling that oils moisturize the skin more than cream. Many face and body oils are available and people can use them to moisturize the face and body.

Exfoliation must be done by aged people

Oil people must take the advantage of exfoliation. The outer layer of the skin becomes thick with age. In addition, people need exfoliation so that this dead skin can be removed and fresh skin comes out.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the solutions to different types of problems, which people can use in order to get rid of various types of skin problems. Oils and creams are good options and people should also use cream based soaps to prevent the skin from drying.

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