DIY Crafts: Chicken Wire Cloche
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DIY Crafts: Chicken Wire Cloche

Here is another “how to” for your DIY repertoire…chicken wire cloche.  Originally a cloche was used to protect your garden or even your picnic lunch for pests and harsh weather.  Now they are used for their beautiful aesthetic in any room of your house or even as a great detail for a special occasion.  These little gems are super simple to make, just don’t forget to be extra careful not to cut yourself!  Here’s how you can make something beautiful like this…

OK Step 1: Find a glass dome or a glass cloche to use as your pattern.  Then, stretch out your desired size of chicken wire and lay it flat on a solid surface.

Step 2:  Wrap the chicken wire around your dome form and trim to size.  It will look like a cylinder.  Next, secure the back of your chicken wire form with 3 to 4 pieces of regular craft wire and begin to mold.

Step 3:  Mold the chicken wire around your pattern until you achieve your desired shape.  Then trim the excess from the top, allowing enough wire to remain to adhere to a cloche topper.

Step 4: Last but now least, find an interesting old door knob or shabby crown like the one below to finish off the top of your cloche.  Secure with epoxy and you are all set.

Don’t forget to get creative with these little treasures.  They make fantastic gifts for friends on top of herbs in a terracotta pot or even as mini personalized favors at a wedding.  We hope you enjoy!

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