Folio Love = Gifts for you!

Folio Love = Gifts for you!

Giving is fun, we love watching the faces of those we love as they open a present. We love to walk up and down the aisle of stores trying to figure out just the perfect gift for our friends and family. We love to wrap those gifts up in pretty paper with bows and cute cards. Honestly most of the time giving is much better then receiving, except maybe if you receive a new 85mm 1.2 lens then the receiving definitely is better then the giving.
Seeing as we couldn’t gather all your home addresses in time and the thought of tying bows until our hands bleed started to make the giving of a gift sound not so fun we opted for some totally beautiful and useful digital downloads! These designs by Courtney and Erin are meant to make your business life a little more fun, stylish and productive! Check back each day for a new gift. Yes, you will need to enter your email address each time to access this page, it’s just our way of only giving gifts to those who want to receive them. We promise it won’t mean you receive seven newsletters at a time!
Sure wish we could see your face as you open your little digital packages. When you use any of these little bits of happy in your business or blog we would love to see how you put them to good use and feature you right here on Folio Love so don’t forget to drop us a line through our contact form. Have a happy day full of Folio Love.

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