How to Use Templates With Image Clipping

How to Use Templates With Image Clipping

We designed these cute little blog post templates for you. One of our 7 gifts of love. We want to make sure you know just how to use these effectively. Visit this post to download your very own set.  Now the real fun can begin.

  1. Unzip your blog post templates
  2. Open one of two templates in photoshop
  3. Choose an assortment of sneak peek images from your most recent shoot or the shoot that needs to be blogged about ASAP.  Open those images in photoshop as well. Duplicating your images for blog manipulation is always wise in my book.  I love to duplicate the image straight away and close the original.
  4. Resize all selected images to 500 pixels wide
  5. Drag an individual image onto your blog post template, again I suggest you duplicate this template and close the original before adding images.
  6. Once you have placed the image over the appropriate layer block continue over to your layers clicking the line between your image and the clipping mask click the alt or option button. This will clip the image to the exact size of the box within the template.
  7. If your image is way to big and you need to shrink it down a tad click command T and you will be able to decrease the size of your image.  To keep proper proportion hold the shift key when dragging in the corners of you image.

repeat steps until all those boxes are filled with beautiful images of your clients.  Insert a little bit of text, flatten layers and save.  Now all you have to do is insert the blog post template into your newest blog post!  Easy and impressive.  Have fun and enjoy.

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