Monday Is for Fun {warning It’s a Long One}
Monday = Fun Day

Monday Is for Fun {warning It’s a Long One}

dear folio love readers – I the resident photographer, clearly not a writer by my over usage of comma’s and my adoration of run on sentences, want to talk with you a little bit about fun days.  Fun Days or Adventure Days as my hero Kristen Kalp calls them in her brilliant Becoming class are for staving off burn out.  Because lets face it sometimes you as a photographer are just plan ol’ burnt out.  You let a little thing called self doubt sneak in, you sit down and think about how uninspired you are, you think ‘OH MY GOSH, I AM NOT CREATIVE!!!’   It’s OK, the best of the best go through this same dilemma, actually I am not 100% sure they do but I feel safe in assuming such, at least it makes me feel better about my own ruts and burn outs.  I am thankful that I am not in said burn out mode at this moment but to insure that it doesn’t return I have continued to implement Kristen’s fab idea of Adventure Days, my version is called Monday IS a Fun Day!

As a mother of two and a photographer of many summers can be a tad stressful.  My typical 8am-2:30pm hours at our fun little studio are pulled out from under me. Instead I transfer my imac back to the dining room table and only head to the studio to meet with my girls Erin and Shanna about our projects or to meet a client for a shoot.  It’s tough and a blessing all wrapped into one. I love that I can be home with my kids, that I can edit 15 images and then go out to the pool for a couple hours then come back in and edit the rest of the images but these summer days spent cooped up at home with kids put me on the fast track to burn out.

So each Monday with kids in tow I will make it a MONDAY FUN DAY.  I have come up with 8 Monday fun day things to last the rest of summer. Can that be true only 8 more Monday’s till they are back in school???  OK now I am sad!!  On to the 8 Monday fun days

1. Come on kids let’s go buy other peoples stuff they almost took to the dump : I grew up thrifting.  We loved Goodwill and as I became a teen I took pride in finding really cool vintage clothes.  My 8th grade graduation dress was a beautiful 1950′s formal, remember this was EARLY 90′s when everyone wore super puffy sleeved minis from Wet Seal.  Anyway, my kids do not know thrifting and I will teach them.  I will give them a budget and let them buy WHATEVER they want within that budget.  It will be fun to see what they think is cool at the thrift store.

2. The day I add doc·u·men·tar·i·an to my resume :  I have been really inspired by this show The Neistat Brothers on HBO [warning not so great language] and I want to film my kids more.  We have a great little sony camera and the last time I filmed something was like 6 months ago. SHAME.  I want to take them out and about and just film it. I am going to pretend I am a documentary film maker for a day.

3. You are Sew not gonna like this : not all Monday fun days have to be done outside the home.  This one will involve me teaching both my kids [yes even the 12 year old boy, who will hate it] how to sew a pillow case for their rooms.  We will go to the fabric store, they can pick out what ever fabric they want and then we will sew it into a pillow case.  Even though I can already hear my boys grumbles and my girls cheers, I will force the situation on him.  It will be a MEMORY GOSH DARN IT!

4. Heading down the river, floating on the inside of a tire : simple tube down the river with the family!  Not all Monday fun day activities have to involve a creative endeavor, sometimes just doing plain simple outdoor exhausting fun clears the head so much that creative ideas/thought race into you without effort.  Try it.

5. Lend me some sugar I am your neighbor : The kids and I will bake cookies from scratch!  We will then package said cookies all super cute and stuff then deliver them to our neighbors.  Pray for our neighbors because my baking skills are on even par with my writing skills and we all know in baking you must follow the directions to a science.  As you can see from my writing even after 4 years of honors English I don’t like to follow any kind of rules even stupid grammatical ones!

6. Pick up and Eat Outside or what others call Picnic : We will pack it, we will eat it and we will have fun doing it

7. Distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, it just makes it the heart hurt more : My sister just had a baby, that brings my nephew count up to two!  We are 2,544 miles away from each other and although I love where I live, I miss her and my nephews like CRAZY!!!  So we are going to make videos for the nephews.  I will have my kids read favorite kids books to the camera, I will then burn those to discs and send them to our little B and T.

8. I am always the boss of this family, now you are in charge : On this day I will turn the reigns over to my kids.  They will each pick something for us to do, that doesn’t involve the mall, their friends or spending $100 a piece at a amusement park.

image credit: thrifting / tubing / cookies