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If you do not love your portfolio how can you expect your clients to fall in love with your work and hire you?  Not every shoot or image is worthy of your online gallery and that is perfectly acceptable. I urge you to only show the world the work you want to do, the work you are CRAZY proud of.  The work you show the world is the work the world will hire you to do!  If you really do not enjoy weddings, do not add weddings to your gallery.  If family sessions make you break out in hives do not display family sessions.  Take your gallery a step further and only put images in your gallery that take your breath away, that convey emotion and originality.  Choose images that will make your website viewers stand up and shout ‘OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO HIRE THIS AMAZING CREATIVE CREATURE”

Here is an image that I will be adding to my online portfolio and below are the reasons why . . .

Reasons: It makes me smile.  It is the type of images I want to produce every single day.  It is my style. It is real and relaxed.  I would be thrilled as a parent to hang this in my house [not gonna lie, it is hanging in my house.  That is my daughter]

Not feeling so creative these days. Feeling like everything looks the same?  Want to hang out with other photographers for a whole day shooting beautifully fun styled shoots? That is so Folio Love – we can’t wait it’s going to be so much fun!!!

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